PreK Screenings for 2022-2023

Please call our school office today to schedule a screening appointment for your three or four-year-old child.  Screenings will take place at Wolf Ridge Elementary School on Monday, August 8th.  Students already enrolled in our program last school year  or students that were screened in the spring do not need to be screened again.  All new students to our program need to have an appointment to be screened and provide the necessary documents to be considered for eligibility.  The Bunker Hill CUSD8 Preschool Program is grant funded and completely FREE to our families that qualify.  Call 618-585-4831 anytime Monday-Friday from 8:00-3:00 during the month of June or August to schedule your child's screening.   The first day of preschool will be Monday, August 22nd with a special orientation on Friday, August 19th to meet the teacher, tour the classroom, and learn everything you need to know about preschool at Bunker Hill.  Give your child a head start to his/her education with a quality preschool program!