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Patriot Baseball & Softball families --

As we continue to successfully (and safely) enjoy our Jr High Baseball & Softball seasons, I'd like to provide a bit of clarification on the guidelines for spectators at these games. Although outdoors, IESA has made it clear that face coverings are required of all spectators in addition to the 6 ft between families. While I was very proud to see compliance with this requirement, we must ensure that all spectators observe these guidelines at all times in order to have a season.

It is very important for students to not only remain safe and healthy, but also to remain socially connected with each other during these times. It can be done, but only if we all do our part! This rule applies to everyone in attendance, including parents, spectators, students, athletes and staff. We will politely ask spectators to comply with these requests one time, and if we continue to see disregard or defiance of these protocols, visitors may be asked to leave the event. The school board has adopted a policy (#5:45) ensuring all pandemic and PPE-related guidelines from IDPH are followed and enforced. Likewise, a student athlete who continues to comply may be asked to not attend future practices, events and contests. 

Please understand that these guidelines are not intended to create hardships for anyone. Simply put, if this is what is required in order to provide our students with a chance to engage in athletics during this time of physical distancing, we will gladly sacrifice our personal comfort in order to provide this opportunity for our children. Your continued understanding is greatly appreciated! 

As always, please reach out to your child's coach if you have any further questions. The official guidance document from IESA is attached as a link below for your reference.

IESA Updated Guidance